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What we needed help with:

Delivery of quality education workshops on Safety Governance as it relates to Age Services.

How C-Suite Safety Solutions helped us:

C-Suite Safety worked with our age services specialists to design an online workshop to meet the current and emerging needs in Governance for Age Services providers. They continually monitor the content and feedback to ensure its topical, relevant and actionable.

Why we would use C-Suite Safety Solutions again:

C-Suite Safety are highly professional and dedicated to quality education outcomes. The feedback from course participants has been outstanding. Not only do LASA continue to use their services we recommend them to our members for in-house workshops.

More about LASA:

LASA is the national association for age service providers across residential care, home care and retirement living. We represent providers in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia – 54% of our Members are not-for-profit, 38% are for-profit and 8% are public providers.

Our diverse and representative membership makes LASA ‘the voice of aged care’ in Australia. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our Members by providing:

  • a strong and influential voice leading the agenda on issues of national importance.
  • access to valuable and value-adding information, advice, services and support value for money by delivering our services and support efficiently and effectively.