Leanne Ryan

Governance Institute of Australia

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What we needed help with:

An experienced risk management professional who has expertise in safety governance.

How C-Suite Safety Solutions helped us:

Micheal, the Managing Director of C-Suite Safety Solutions, has been a panel member and speaker at several online events held in conjunction with Governance Institute of Australia.

Why we would use C-Suite Safety Solutions again:

Micheal is an experienced presenter who draws on his real-world experience to reinforce the practical application of governance in the areas of safety and risk.

More about the Governance Institute:

The Governance Institute is a national membership association and leading authority on governance and risk management.

As the only Australian provider of chartered governance accreditation, we offer a range of short courses, certificates and postgraduate study to help further the knowledge and education of the fast-growing governance and risk management profession.

We run a strong program of thought leadership, research projects and news publications and draw upon our membership of the Chartered Governance Institute to monitor emerging global trends and challenges to ensure our members are prepared.