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What we needed help with:

Subject Matter Expert to develop and enhance effective health and safety technical requirements within our Enterprise Risk Management platform.

How C-Suite Safety Solutions helped us:

C-Suite Safety Solutions helped with a detailed customer requirement analysis, for Work Health and Safety, and provided the specifications to support the development of our integrated best of bread system aligned with national and international standards and codes of practice.

Why we would use C-Suite Safety Solutions again:

C-Suite Safety Solutions has deep, real world experience, over more than 20 years, directly involved in health and safety management. This experience has been across various industries and this provides a broad frame of reference that can assist Protecht’s customers in understanding best practice.

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After over 20 years of redefining the way the world thinks about risk, Protecht has developed software products across Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Asset and Liability Management (ALM), supported by Training, Consulting and Advisory.

David Bergmark, as CEO, champions the software and advisory, while David Tattam, as spokesperson for the company, leads methodology development, training and spreading the word of risk management.