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Granville Community Kindergarten

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What we needed help with:

External Safety Audit to ensure the safety of our children, staff and parents.

How C-Suite Safety Solutions helped us:

C-Suite safety conducted a physical and desktop audit to ensure we complied with our obligations, reviewed facilities to identify risk and confirmed we had the processes in place to maintain a safe environment for children, families, staff and visitors. 

Why we would use C-Suite Safety Solutions again:

Their approach was friendly, practical and thorough. They supported us with a discount, as they want to help not-for-profit organisations. We received the report in a timely manner and it provided us with clear directions without unnecessary content or padding. 

Learn More About the Granville Community Kindergarten

Granville Community Kindergarten and Preschool is located in Maryborough Queensland and was opened in 1987. It is managed by a committee elected by parents and employs a qualified early childhood teacher as well as a qualified assistant.

Granville Kindy aims to establish an environment which incorporates multi-sensory opportunities, engages curiosity, encourages exploration, and hands-on active learning. We aim to provide these programs in a manner appropriate to the children’s emotional and intellectual needs as a group and individually.