The Pathway to High Performance

From our Occasional contributor, Anne-Marie Orrock. As a HR leader, or manager, we are influencers and agents for creating high performance in our organisation. We often focus mostly on achieving high performance through goal setting, (e.g. OKR’s/KPI’s) or skill and knowledge development. We also employ a variety of other tools and mechanisms such as stacked … Read more

NHVL Cooperation and Collaboration

Anyone operating within the supply chain in the last decade would be very aware of the significant changes to the obligations and responsibilities that are now enshrined in law. The partnership between Government and Industry has resulted in a program to reform transport behaviour and improve road safety significantly. This improvement has matured so much … Read more

Is there too much trust in safety?

How do you know? Working with Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) is an opportunity to test what I know. Business is great, I find I learn something new every day. After more than 20 years of managing safety, with some of Australia’s most successful and iconic brands, I find that many of the issues experienced … Read more

Working between the Board, the Executive and the CEO.

Taking on a Higher Role. Taking on a more senior role can be highly rewarding but can also end badly for the ill prepared. Front line managers often find themselves acting or promoted into senior/executive roles, with multiple stakeholders, only to find their experience ends in disappointment. Get to know what is important to your … Read more