The Pathway to High Performance

From our Occasional contributor, Anne-Marie Orrock. As a HR leader, or manager, we are influencers and agents for creating high performance in our organisation. We often focus mostly on achieving high performance through goal setting, (e.g. OKR’s/KPI’s) or skill and knowledge development. We also employ a variety of other tools and mechanisms such as stacked … Read more

Is there room for an Advisory Board?

For many organisations, the usual approach is to rely on a small group of leaders within the organisation to come up with all the ideas, make all the decisions, and get the work done. As an organisation grows and becomes more complex, the owners or founders look to external strategists, and proven business consultants, to … Read more

Setting Effective Objectives in your Business

Effective ISO45001:2018 Setting Safety Objectives When setting goals or objectives for your business do you start with the organisational goals and work down? Be sure to use a proven method to achieve great outcomes. SMART is a simple and effective way to do this. Always start at the organisational level and then look at the … Read more

Are you ready for Government Tenders?

Before you take the step to pursue government tenders, it is important that you have an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) that will meet the requirements of government. This does not mean the same as government, but rather a system that meets the requirements set by government combined with the requirements of the … Read more

NHVL Cooperation and Collaboration

Anyone operating within the supply chain in the last decade would be very aware of the significant changes to the obligations and responsibilities that are now enshrined in law. The partnership between Government and Industry has resulted in a program to reform transport behaviour and improve road safety significantly. This improvement has matured so much … Read more

Is Safety-II the way forward?

What is Safety-II? Safety-II is the next step for business in the move away from the essential focus on what goes wrong, to how often things go right. As a result, Safety-II is far more engaging, interactive and collaborative than a mere compliance approach.  First discussed by Erik Hollnagel in 2011, Safety-II bridges the gap between enterprise risk management, … Read more

Does Your Risk Tolerance impact on quality decision making?

Risk Tolerance As a member of many different decision-making bodies which considers risk, it is important to ensure that the assessment of risk is objective, detailed and supported by data. Take care to ensure results are not skewed toward a risk score based on subjective factors and the limitations of the organisation to resource and communicate … Read more